Dalmatian Tattoos – Why Are Dalmatian Tattoos So Popular?

Dalmatian tattoos are favorite design of choice for dog lovers and breeders who are fascinated with the uniqueness of Dalmatians as a house pet.  Dalmatians became popular with Disney inspired animated movie, “The 101 Dalmatians” and are loved by both kids and adults for many generations.

Dalmatians are special breed of dogs believed to have originated from Dalmatia and well known for its prominent white coat with either black or liver spots. Most Dalmatian puppies are known to be alert and playful pets. Dalmatians are born with unique eye colors that can be pretty mesmerizing to look at. Spots gradually come in for over a couple of weeks after birth and are about the size of a quarter to a half dollar. Many people love the distinctive yet rare spotting colors that make Dalmatian puppies a very special breed. Some may have blue, orange or lemon colors, others may have brindle, mosaic and tri-colored spots that is extraordinary for a common pet dog.

Sweet And Unique Dalmatian Tattoos                       Dalmatian Tattoos

Many tattoo artists create Dalmatian tattoos in adorable, cartoonish images that vary in theme and style. Dalmatians are often used as mascots for gatherings and special events because of its lovable features and good natured attitude. Customized Dalmatian tattoos may be used to represent careers that are associated with community service and will surely capture the hearts of many because it symbolizes sturdiness and balanced character that is manifested with poise and dignity.

Since Dalmatians are known to be a fireman’s best friend and they served as fire mascot even back to the days of horse drawn fire carts. They are very compatible with horses and trained to run in front of fire engines to help clear the path and guide horses and firefighters to the fires quickly. Dalmatians are recognized in providing valuable service for firemen that they are commonly chosen to be tattoo designs of choice for community firefighters in honor of their heroism in the past.

Dalmatian Tattoos – Find Best Dalmatian Tattoos

Dalmatian tattoos are fashionable tattoos. It can be best used for birthday parties and special occasions for young children and little kids. Many tattoo artists offer customized Dalmatian tattoos designs for little kids, which can be easily removed after the party. Even adults find Dalmatian tattoos irresistible. That is why if you are looking for a tattoo design that is best for both young children and the young at heart, Dalmatian tattoos are the most excellent tattoo designs of choice.

Dalmatian Tattoos