Dagger Tattoos – All About Dagger Tattoos

If you’re looking to convey raw toughness, you can best bet on dagger tattoos to do the job for you. With its precise design and curt symbolism, daggers make a good emblem for the armed and dangerous.

In a deeper sense, dagger tattoos convey the message of sacrifice. This is no surprise, for the dagger has been widely used for rituals of human and animal sacrifices. Moreover, this weapon is used by military personnel who have to sacrifice their lives for the good of the battle. These attributes of protection and determination make the dagger a daring tattoo design.

When translated into body art, daggers carry elaborate designs. The pommel may be encrusted with jewels and morphed into a scorpion tail. The blade may bear a scroll work motif on its edges. The dagger may be straight or curved. The colors may be silver and gold or may extend to the more vibrant colors.

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Most dagger tattoos are fused with other key symbols. A popular design depicts a dagger piercing a heart. Recent approaches to this design involve an anatomical heart with a portrait-style dagger. The heart-and-dagger combination generally conveys betrayal or pain over a lost love. It is also viwed as a fresh take on the sacred heart.

Another symbol commonly associated with the dagger is a fruit. Ancient China upheld the cherry to stand for immortality. Thus, a dagger piercing this symbol signifies the stark difference between eternal life and looming death.

Dagger Tattoos – Various Designs And Styles Of Dagger Tattoos

In the medical field, the emblem of caduceus also depicts a dagger. Here, it comes with two serpents and a set of wings. For an edgier appeal, a serpentine dragon usually replaces the two snakes. A flowering vine coiled around the blade is also an option.

Other symbols incorporated in dagger tattoos are flames, feathers, and pin-up models. The dagger may also cut through flowers or skulls. The Dagger tattoos can also just feature the dagger. The lone dagger is depicted to cut through the wearer’s skin, thereby creating a jagged slit. However, it’s quite rare for the dagger to be depicted in its simplest self.

Dagger Tattoos