Cobra Tattoos – Popularity Of Cobra Tattoos

With your cobra tattoo in full view, you’ll surely earn the glances of strangers. Through the years, these tattoos have gained popularity. And why not? With their elaborate details and daring colors, cobra tattoos designs are a big winner in skin art.

It’s worth noting that beneath the tattoo’s attractive finish lie heavy histories and symbolisms. In the Western world, cobra tattoos are associated with sensuality and peril. After all, snakes have long been regarded as emblems of deceitful temptation. On the other hand, the Eastern world upholds cobras as symbols of immense power and good luck. These slithering creatures have even been hailed as deities. Indeed, your cobra tattoo has many stories to tell.

Cobra Tattoos – Most Popular Cobra Tattoos

You can look to a wide selection of cobra tattoos designs to satisfy your preferences. The King Cobra, which is one of the world’s longest lethal snakes, is the most popular image used for cobra tattoos. The design can mimic the snake’s natural colors of dark brown leading to light yellow. To give it a bolder look, you can tweak the snake’s image to take on a green hue with a vibrant yellow underbelly. The Naja kaouthia is another cobra that makes a fine choice for a design. Its body is usually done in black or yellow hues, with its underbelly bearing a contrasting color. An oval marked behind this cobra’s hood completes this conventional design. Others, however, go for an albino version of this design. Here, the Naja kaouthia has gemstones for its eyes, pearls and diamonds for its backside, and gold for its tongue or fangs.

Another Cobra Tattoos Designs                                                            Cobra Tattoos

Another take on cobra tattoos involves morphing the serpent into another design altogether. The usual images involve those of a heart formed from the hood and face of the cobra, a shooting flame shaped from the cobra’s tail, and a comet forged from the cobra’s head with its body encrusted with stars. The design can also be coiled around the arm, giving it the appeal of jewelry.

Whatever design you choose, you can be confident that your cobra tattoos adds toughness and boldness to your character.

Cobra Tattoos