Clown Tattoos – What You Should Know About Clown Tattoos?

There is a lot more to clown tattoos than what meets the eye. There’s no doubt that the design’s vibrant colors and exaggerated features make it a very attractive tattoo. But it’s also important to note that underneath the tattoo’s friendly and playful appeal lie rich and symbolic undertones.

Clown tattoos prove to be an obvious choice in conveying humor and fun. A design that you can opt for is the court jester. This style, which dates back to the kings and rulers of the old world, carries the tone of merriment and elegance. Other clown tattoo designs portray the well-known clowns throughout history. You may well think of Bozo the Clown as a character for this design. If you go for these styles, your tattoo can be a fitting reminder that you ought not to be too serious about life. Lighten up!

Clown Tattoos – Different Parts Of Clown Tattoos

Then again, there is still another side to clown tattoos. Take the Joker as an example. Though seemingly funny at first, the Joker also has a dark and sinister aspect. Other tattoo designs under this theme portray clowns with sharp teeth, blood, weapons, and other items that take it far from its humorous appeal.

The special thing about clown tattoos is the duality behind them. For most people, clowns just cover innocence, laughter, and jest. For others, however, clowns cross over to a menacing and malicious realm. It is these two extremes that make clown tattoos exceptional choices of skin art. It’s no wonder then why it caught on as a fad for tattoo enthusiasts.

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If you want to pursue a clown tattoo for yourself, there are several emotions that you can choose to have for your tattoo. As you trek to your local tattoo parlor, decide first which side of the clown tattoos persona you want to immortalize in your skin.

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