Talking about tattooed female celebrities we can’t ignore Christina Aguilera tattoos – she has five of them and some of her tattoos are worth talking about.

Christina Aguilera is a singer with strong voice, who has got talent. She was born in New York, in 1980 and started her singer’s career at the age of 9 when she was invited to participate at the „Mickey Mouse Club” (musicians like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears started their way into the music career at the same show). Christina has got several awards and even a Grammy as the best female artist and there is one of  tattoo designs on Christina’s body – a little Mickey Mouse tattoo on her hip below the bikini line as a reminder for herself where her singer’s career started – „Mickey Mouse Club”, but that’s a pretty strange place on the body to keep childhood memories…

Beautiful Christina Aguilera Tattoos

Christina Aguilera tattoos are inspired by her career and love. Her well know nickname ‘Xtina’ is also one of her tattoos – it is elegantly inked on the back of her neck in pretty simple script. The meanings of names tattooed are easy to understand and Christina explains  ‘Xtina’ as her alter ego. Christina Aguilera has also a small tattoo on her wrist which has been identified as a flower of 3 swirls forming a triangle, but the lines look kind of Maori style and triangle is undoubtedly a symbol which can stand for very different values in different cultures.

Meanings Behind Christina Aguilera TattoosChristina Aguilera Tattoos

One of her tattoos which has been discussed in media is the tattoo on Christina’s left elbow’s inner part:  it’s the sentence „I love you always” in Spanish („Ti Amo Siempre”) in red colour and two letters in Hebrew – Yud and Bet. Getting this tattoo the singer was inspired by her love to marketing music executive Jordan Bratman and the two letters on her hand stands for him. Why Christina has chosen to display something exactly in Spanish and Hebrew on her body, she haven’t commented, but  Jordan Bratman and Christina were married and got divorced.

There is one more very elegant tattoo on her lower back – that’s a quote in Hebrew from the  Song of Songs meaning „I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” accompanied with the same initials JB. By the way, she is not the only celebrity with this psalm inked on her body, for example Victoria Beckham has the same. Although the singer has changed and her „love-forever” is gone, Christina Aguilera tattoos related to her ex-husband are still decorating her body and she is not planning to remove these tattoos.

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