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Although most Christians tend to be conservative with the how’s of self-expression, there is no doubt that Christian tattoos are a clear-cut way to express one’s faith. If you’re going to ink your skin with something, it might as well be the brand of the one God you believe in.

Naturally, Christian tattoos incorporate religious symbols in the design. These include crosses, scriptural inscriptions, and other significant figures like the saints, apostles, and angels. These images usually come in intricate and vibrant designs.

Christian Tattoos – Designs And Form Of Christian Tattoos

A recurring symbol in Christian tattoos is the cross. Though most people prefer a simple cross, bare from any details whatsoever, there are still several design options for crosses. Among these is the Greek cross, having four equidistant bars with a three-dimensional appeal. Another popular choice is the Celtic cross, which is distinguishable by the circle around the upper bar. The Greek and Celtic crosses are often infused with other design elements like knots, flowers, and ivies in jewel-like colors. Another cross design, though not particularly common, is the Triumphant cross, with the cross deeply embedded into an orb. Stars are often placed above the cross to signify Heaven and Earth. The overall design represents the glory of Jesus Christ who reigns over everything.

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However, Christian tattoos need not much colorful images. Most designs portray symbols in their simplest form. However, much weight it still attributed to them because these symbols hold a dogmatic flair. Take for example the “Ichthus”—commonly known as the “Jesus fish”. With two black lines drawing round the image of a fish, you already have a basic yet meaningful tattoo design. Another design is the “seven doves”. The doves, which symbolize the Holy Spirit, encircle the letters “SS”, which in turn signifies Spiritu Sancti. The seven doves serve as a fitting emblem for the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. Another popular choice for this style is the inscription “Jesus Christ, Son of God and Savior” done in Greek characters.

In the hopes of expressing your beliefs and convictions, you can never go wrong with a Christian tattoos.

Christian Tattoos