Chris Brown tattoos have got a lot of attention, firstly because of his own fame, secondly because some of his tattoos are really controversial and have been described by media as creepy and freaky.

American singer, actor, songwriter, entertainer Chris Brown was born in 1989, in Tappahannock, Virginia. His debut album was released when he was just 16 years old, as Tina Davis from Def Jam Recordings discovered him. Chris grew up in a small town where he was for sure one of the best entertainers who enjoyed singing at church choir and imitating dance moves of celebrities like Usher and Michael Jackson. Of course, his first hits and popular songs were about dating and so-called first love what is so common for teenage artists.

Chris Brown Tattoos History

Chris Brown Tattoos

Chris Brown has many tattoo designs and he got his first one being just 13 years old. One of the creepiest tattoos he has is the one on his back: it is a smiley face with an open mouth in which inside is a human skull. That’s for sure very original body art and some people have expressed the thought that it is Chris’s self expression telling that he might seem happy and smiling guy, but still there is another part (probably, pretty dark  part) inside of him.

This is not the only skull tattoo inked on his body – there are several more on his hands. Mostly people are relating skull tattoos with jails and something bad, but while its’ meaning for sure is connected with death, in some cultures a skull tattoo is a protector that guards from death.

Meanings Behind Chris Brown Tattoos

Chris has been dating Rihanna and among Chris Brown tattoos there is one pretty similar to Rihanna’s tattoo of the line of stars on the back of her neck: Chris has three the same style stars behind his  right ear.

The artist’s  hands and chest are now fully covered with tattoos and  among Chris Brown tattoos you can find such marks as a rose, wings, stars, portrait of Jesus Christ, flowers, word „Fame”, „Symphonic Love” is written on his chest and there are several more.

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