Chinese Tattoos – Popularity Of Chinese Tattoos

It’s rather surprising that Chinese tattoos, which are perhaps the most popular tattoo design to date, come from a culture that initially demeaned tattoo art. Ancient China regarded the body as a sacred gift, and marking it with tattoos is an act of defamation. Back then, it was only the criminals who bore tattoos. This was considered as their punishment, with the tattoo placed on the face.

But long gone are the days of the tattoo taboo in China. It’s plain to see that at this day and age, Chinese tattoos are fitting reflections of the culture’s beauty, religion, and tradition. Many people opt to bear a Chinese tattoo because of its subtle symbolisms. Some want to echo the rich history of Chinese culture. A few others simply find it engaging to divulge the meaning and story behind their tattoo choice.

Chinese Tattoos – Designs And Styles Of Chinese Tattoos

There are several designs you can choose from should you decide to wear a Chinese tattoos. The back, arms, and ankles are the most common spots to have this tattoo on. Chinese culture is well depicted by intricate dragons or tigers. To give your tattoo a bold flair, you can choose bright and vibrant colors to complement your image choice. However, the most popular design for Chinese tattoos involves words.

Chinese writing is very complex. A character bears numerous meanings in itself. Moreover, these characters only differ slightly in their strokes or angles. To ensure that your chinese  tattoos spells out the message that you want to convey, it’s best that you go to a tattoo artist who is learned about Chinese lettering. Precision and accuracy in this style is important. If the tattoo artist incorrectly interpreted the Chinese character of your choice, then you’re permanently stuck with a meaningless design.

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To make the most out of your Chinese tattoo, you can also consult friends who are familiar with Chinese writing. They can be a big help as you narrow down the right Chinese Tattoos or symbols that will best convey the meaning you want to put across.

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