Cheryl Cole tattoos are not as famous as, for example, Angelina Jolie tattoos, but this singer does not have fewer tattoos than Angelina does.
The future singer, dancer and model Cheryl Ann Tweedy was born in 1983 in Newcastle, England. Her parents were living together, but were never married and broke up when Cheryl was 1 years old. She first showed up in TV screens already in late 80s participating at British Gas television advert. From early age, she also started taking dancing classes, soon she joined The Royal Ballet’s summer school, won several children modelling competitions and soon came participation in other adverts, but still – her way to music industry was not so easy and she has also been working in restaurant as a waitress.

Cheryl Cole Tattoos HistoryCheryl Cole Tattoos

In 2002 her way to big music industry opened by being a part of „Girls Aloud” and later she started her solo career. Cheryl also has appeared in some movies and different TV shows.
Cheryl Cole loves tattoo art and her body is a clear proof of it. The first one of Cheryl Cole tattoos was Maori style tribal tattoos on the right hand.

Cheryl has also a butterfly tattoo on her lower back. Butterfly as a symbol has always been related to metamorphosis as the life of butterfly goes from warm to becoming into adorable butterfly with adored beauty. It is also related to spiritual development and freedom.

Meanings Behind Cheryl Cole Tattoos

After Cheryl got married with Ashley Cole, she inked on the back of her neck „Mrs Cole” as a sign for her male admirers that she is not free anymore and loves Ashley, but the tattoo on her neck has also been as „Mrs. C”. One more of Cheryl Cole tattoos is located on her right thigh – a vine and floral design is wrapped around her thigh, another pretty large on is located on her butt.

Without Cheryl Cole tattoos mentioned above there is also another one on her right hand, one more on her lower back and probably some more – tattoo love for some people is incurable.

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