Chain Tattoos – All About Chain Tattoos

There is a lot more to a person with a chain tattoo than what meets the eye. Though taken as a symbol of slavery, a chain tattoo also boldly marks a person who has wavered through tough times and emerged free.

Chain tattoos basically come in two forms. The first consists of broken chains, thereby symbolizing freedom; the second features linked chains, signifying captivity. The chains usually come in heavy outlines; but elaborate patterns with the links bound in tight circles, like those of bicycle chains, are also popular. Whatever form you prefer, there are a lot of ways to spice up your tattoo.

Chain Tattoos – Designs And Styles Of Chain Tattoos

Most chain tattoos are designed as armbands. The links take on a thick and solid outline wound around the arms. Among these armband styles is the daisy chain tattoo, with vibrant daisies that are known emblems of innocence and purity. Another style adopts a floral theme, whereby the rose buds bloom amidst the chain’s hard links. A more recent approach to the armband style is the jewelry design. Here, the chain wound around the arm takes on gold or silver hues and bears a free strand that dangles down the arm’s length. A jewel or teardrop at the end of the free chain polishes the design’s ornamental flair.

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Other items can be incorporated in chain tattoos, as well. These usually include a heart bound in chains, a cross wound within the links, a pair of hands manacled together, and a sea monster struggling amidst iron chains. Moreover, the chains can be morphed into another image. An alien having chains for its spine can echo your fascination for science fiction. Clock parts can be fused with broken links for a design reminiscent of a steampunk theme. The chains can also form the tresses of a pin-up style robot. With chain tattoos, your design options prove to be limitless.

At some point in your life, you may have conquered a challenge that you never imagined you could overcome. How best to immortalize your feat than by donning a chain tattoos?

Chain Tattoos