Celtic Design Tattoos – What You Should Need To Know Before Getting Celtic Design Tattoos?

Donning Celtic design tattoos is a bold way of self-expression. Whether you want to convey your own beliefs or you want to pay tribute to your ancestor’s heritage, you can best go with celtic design tattoos. With their stylish designs and rich symbolism, it’s no wonder why Celtic design tattoos remain to be popular through the years.

Being one of the most copied design in the realm of skin art, Celtic design tattoos make use of swirls, spirals, and knots. The number three has been a recurring element in these tattoos, and it signifies the three transitions in man’s existence: birth, life, and death. However, this number is only interwoven as a concept into the tattoo design—you can’t see a Celtic design tattoos that depicts the actual number three. Take the Celtic trinity knot as an example, wherein it consists of three interwoven strands. This theme of three’s symbolizes the relationship between man and woman. For the devout, it symbolizes the triad of the mind, the body, and spirit; or the woman, the crone, and the maiden. The Celtic trinity knot can also mean God, Son, and Holy Spirit; that is, the Holy Trinity for the Christians.

Different Designs Of Celtic Design Tattoos         Celtic Design Tattoos

Celtic design tattoos also include the cross. The Celtic cross is considered to be the most intricate tattoo design, taking many hours to furnish. Other Celtic elements are mazes and plaits. As with the earlier designs, these are also rich with symbolism. Though there are various controversies behind the Celtic symbols, they all have a common underlying meaning—eternity, or that with no beginning and no end.

There are several images depicted in Celtic design tattoos. The folks believe that imprinting animal images on their skin would give them the fierce and smooth tactics of these animals. Another image is the horn, a rather mundane item in their everyday routine. Drinking from the horn signifies a renewal of self.

Celtic Design Tattoos – Be Proud Wearing Celtic Design Tattoos

Celtic war tattoos were borne by warriors to intimidate their opponents in battle. A usual element in war tattoos is the arrow, which conveys brotherhood. Warriors with this tattoo are considered bonded with one another, as if being just one blood and flesh. These war tattoos make use of thicker black outlines and continue to be revered today.

With the intricate details and the rich legends accompanying Celtic design tattoos, it’s a mark that anyone would be proud to immortalize in their skin.

Celtic Design Tattoos