Celtic Cross Tattoos – The History Of Celtic Cross Tattoos

Among the most powerful of all skin art media are the Celtic Cross tattoos. Although Celtic designs date back to eras past, our enthusiasm over them only seems to intensify as time passes. The most popular of these designs, the Celtic cross, only came about at the dawn of Christianity. However, the story and symbolism behind it can be traced back to pre-Christian realms.  Devotees of the Celtic Cross believe that it has the power to save them from harm. But believer or not, you can get the best out of Celtic cross tattoos both for its aesthetic appeal and rich meaning.

The Celtic cross, also referred to as the Irish cross, consists of a standard cross shape placed within the bounds of a circle. The bars of the cross are equidistant from where they intersect at the middle. The Celtic cross is decked with an intricate knot work. Overall, this interplay of simplicity and complexity gives the Celtic cross its immortal appeal.

Meanings Behind Celtic Cross Tattoos                        Celtic Cross Tattoos

Apart from their superb artistic touches, Celtic cross tattoos convey rich legends and histories. Believed to be designed by Saint Patrick, the Celtic cross was used in the attempts to Christianize the pagan Irish populace. The cross was a fusion of two beliefs—the cross as upheld by the Christians and the sun as worshiped by the Druids.

At present, Celtic cross tattoos take on various meanings across peoples. For Catholics, the circle around the cross tattoos signifies eternity—mirroring the infinite love their God has for them. For Druids of the ancient times, the cross served as a phallic symbol. For neo-pagans, the cross tattoos denotes the sun. Due to the universal meaning it conveys, it’s no wonder why the Celtic cross tattoo emerged as one of the most popular cross tattoos designs.

Celtic Cross Tattoos In Different Styles And Designs

The intricacies associated with the Celtic cross tattoos make it one of the most difficult tattoos to recreate. For one, the Celtic knot patterns that enhance the beauty of the cross add that extra oomph to the tattoo. These knots, also called mystic or endless knots, also bear meanings of celtic cross tattoos. Though some people attribute magical powers to these knots, these are often taken to symbolize eternity. The knots are designed in such a way that they form one loop having neither beginning nor end.

On the other hand, a Celtic cross tattoos can also be adorned with a trinity knot. This knot is characterized for its three corner, with the first signifying the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The second corner is ascribed to the Pagan beliefs of a Mother, Crone, and Maiden. The third corner is attributed to the New Age being mind, body, and spirit. All together, Celtic cross tattoos adorned by this knot are made of many interlinking, uniform spirals. The outline of this cross has no beginning or end, thereby signifying immortality.

Celtic cross tattoos have maintained their beauty and mysticism through the years. With their incomparable pattern and deep-rooted history, Celtic cross tattoos have earned a spot in skin art royalty.

Celtic Cross Tattoos