Butterfly Back Piece Tattoo

For the Native American Indian, butterflies symbolized joy, life and rebirth; using butterflies as your design element for back piece tattoo is a way of making the statement that you find great joy in life. This stylized symbol of transformation and new stages in life would be perfect to mark a new beginning in your personal life. Perhaps you recently went through an emotionally trying time, having back piece tattoo designed to reflect your belief that you came out stronger and better for it, would be the perfect way to herald in a new phase in your life.



Choosing the right Butterfly for your Back Piece Tattoo

Butterflies have a wide variety in their selection of styles and colors to choose for your back piece tattoo. The color could play as important a role as the symbol of joy itself. When you choose the color for your butterfly back piece tattoo, remember that colors have meanings and could add depth to your personal choice of the butterfly.Yellow is also a symbol of joy, blue is tranquility and confidence, green is the color of renewal, and red of course for strength and power. Adding a butterfly that has hints of these powerful colors will only enhance the beauty and symbolism of the butterfly back piece tattoo you are looking for.


Butterfly Back Piece Tattoo for Man…

Using butterflies as the embellishments for other powerful ritual tattoos, only brings a sense of gentleness  to the more masculine back piece tattoo. For instance the bold forms and lines of tribal tattoos can be softened and made more delicate in appearance when butterflies are added to their curves and free-form designs. It will not make the graphic tattoos less appealing to have them enhanced by images of beauty.

Butterfly back piece tattoos are perfect as upper or lower back piece tattoo, and should be a part of your design element choice, if you are looking for a more feminine tattoo.

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