Can They Make You Look Better? Cat Tattoos!

Whether you’re a self-confessed cat-lover or a tattoo enthusiast on a quest for your next skin art, a cat tattoos are something you’ll be glad to imprint on your skin. This tattoo is so popular among cat and animal lovers, to the point that some have even immortalized the memory of their dead pets onto their skin. For those who aren’t fond of cats per se, donning a cat tattoos still makes a sexy yet playful statement.

Cat tattoos are viewed by many as sensual and feminine. The cat is a known symbol of grace, style, and intelligence. Your cat tattoos are apt to reflect your no-nonsense personality—that is, you do whatever you like, whenever you like.  However, the perception on cats varies across different cultures. In Japan, cats are regarded as bad omens. In Rome, they are upheld as the goddess of liberty. In India, black cats signify bad luck.

Cat Tattoos – What Represent Cat Tattoos?                    Cat Tattoos

You can expect your cat tattoos to represent a rich story—a mix of your own and that of another era. In ancient Egypt, cats were revered as divine creatures. If your interests lie in ancient cultures, you can go for a tattoo of an Egyptian hieroglyphic pattern of the cat. If you are particularly fond of East Asian philosophies, you can opt for a tattoo the tiger, a representative of the cat family. The panther, a variation of the black cat, is known to give off sensuality and eroticism. Another cat kin is the lion, known as the king of the jungle. If you go for cat tattoos, you’re sure to exude the strength and ferocity typical of a ruler.

Cat Tattoos In Different Styles And Designs

There is still a wide array of cat tattoos to choose from. For teenagers, black cats are a crowd favorite. Males, on the other hand, are especially fond of the jaguar. A cat in motion, a cat caught in a chase, and a cat in a blaze of fury are the most popular figures for a cat tattoo. Moreover, some people opt to have the eyes or paws of the cat as their tattoo’s main design. In this case, their names, initials, or favorite quotes are infused in the cat tattoos designs to give it a personal touch.

Cat Tattoos