It is impossible not to notice tattoos of a person often appearing in pictures and videos barely dressed, so that is how we know about Cassie tattoos.
American singer, dancer, model and actress Cassandra Ventura, known as Cassie, was born in 1986 in New London where she also grew up. She has Filipino, Mexican and African-American heritage. Already in childhood, Cassie was learning performing arts such as dancing and singing. Already before she finished high school she started her career as a model, appearing on print ads for „Seventeen”, so after graduating high school the young model decided to keep going with her modelling career. Cassie moved to New York City, where she kept working as a model and was keen on visiting parties and clubs, where music producer Ryan Leslie noticed her and in 2006 her debut album „Cassie” was released in 2006”.

Cassie Tattoos History

Asked about her tattoos, Cassie says she has 7 tattoos, but she doesn’t speak about her tattoos very much, describing them as „letters and stuff”. The letter „V” inked on her right upper underarm is standing for her last name Ventura. Another letter she has on her body is „C” on her wrist, which probably is just the initial of her first name.

Meanings Behind Cassie TattoosCassie Tattoos

On her left ankle Cassie has a small dragon tattoo, on her left hip there is a tattoo of a colorful star, but behind her right ear is inked word „Amour” (meaning „Love”). Among Cassie tattoos there is one which looks pretty original and also Cassie has admitted that it’s her favorite tattoo: inside of her forearm there is  written „No Regrets”  – that’s not very original phrase to get inked on one’s body, but it is inked in white, not black color what really is not very common and also looks good.

Cassie likes tattoos and piercings; she has also pierced nipples and, no doubt, the way in which „No Regrets” has been inked on her body, is making it to be really original piece among other Cassie tattoos and celebrity tattoos nowadays in general.

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