Can They Make You Look Better ? Cartoon Tattoos!

Cartoon tattoos have gained wide popularity among adult tattoo enthusiasts. Their bright and humorous characters can effectively take us back into our childhood memories—an era exemplified by blitheness, innocence, and indulgence. By animating our skin with cartoon tattoos, we rouse the inner child in us again.

Cartoon characters are ideal choices for a tattoo. Beneath their quirky appeal, cartoon characters portray personalities that mirror those of adults. To convey your witty attitude, you may choose a Bugs Bunny tattoo. If you’re noted for having beauty and brains, why not opt for a tattoo of Belle? Cartoons are not just for kids—you can actually catch a glimpse of yourself in its characters.

Cartoon Tattoos – Different Designs Of Cartoon Tattoos

Being flexible icons, cartoon characters can be translated into various tattoo designs. For a classic appeal, the cartoon tattoos are outlined in black or gray ink. Scrolls, initials, flowers, and buildings can also be integrated into the design. Other cartoon tattoos involve tweaking an object to appear cartoonish. This creative approach is commonly applied in cars, skulls, flowers, and zodiac signs.

Female tattoo enthusiasts prefer characters with wings. Tinker Bell, the Power Puff Girls, Fairy Godmothers and the like are popular examples of this. On the other hand, males often go for super heroes. Superman, Batman, and the X-men are among those often used in tattoos.

Popularity Of Cartoon Tattoos                                                                          Cartoon Tattoos

When made into a tattoo, old school cartoons also make a statement. Popular among these is the Mickey Mouse tattoo, designed in thick and bold outlines. On the other hand, Japanese cartoon characters have also earned their spot in tattoo art. Sophisticated robots, skillful samurais, and girly cats are among the popular Japanese cartoon tattoos.

So why not go for an image of your favorite cartoon character as your next tattoo? Cartoons aren’t just for kids; cartoon tattoos actually carry distinct traits and stories. Besides, we’ve all looked to cartoon tattoos as a surrogate friend once in our lives.

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