Capricorn Tattoos – Can You Resist A  Capricorn Tattoos?

If you’re having trouble deciding on a tattoo that best suits your personality, why not go for your own star sign—the Capricorn tattoos if you’re a December or January baby? As you’ll be permanently branded with Capricorn tattoos, you can safely bet that it reveals a lot about your character on top of its cool finish. But first things first, what underlies a Capricorn tattoos?

Symbolism Behind Capricorn Tattoos                       Capricorn Tattoos

Capricorn is of the element Earth, and it boasts of a goat for its symbol. This symbol takes on several forms, and each represents a distinct personality. Among these is the mountain goat, known for its determination to conquer the highest peaks. Another type is the garden goat—a complete opposite of the first—which lacks the drive to pursue anything at all. Other sources also claim the symbol to be a sea goat, known for its courage and power to triumph over the most violent ocean storms.  In general, the Capricorn tattoos looks to it tail as its weapon; that is, a sting from its tail can wage death.

Capricorn Tattoos – Why Are They So Popular?

People under the star sign Capricorn are known to be achievers. They have the tendency to overwork, yet they can still strike a balance between work and play. They are fun to have around; and regardless of their age, they are young at heart. Thus, if you go for a Capricorn tattoos, you’ll have for yourself a mark that’s sure to express your character—strong-minded yet fun.

As for the design itself, the horns of the goat serve as the most eye-catching part of a Capricorn tattoos. You can introduce a personal kick to it by adding a tribal air, thereby making it appear tougher and more intricate. While the females prefer to have the mark on their ankle or on their lower back, the men opt to bear the tattoo on their shoulder or at the back of their neck. In whatever case, Capricorn tattoos are often borne to be readily seen by other people, as if giving the warning that a true Capricorn is in their midst.

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