What To Consider When Choosing Bull Tattoos?

The Bull character is one of the widespread symbols in both early religions and cultural mythologies.  Being present since the early times, it is known to be one of the first animals to be reclaimed by man and used for agricultural purposes.  The abrupt change in man’s perspective made the domesticated cattle an important supplier of consistent and dependable source of milk, meat, and blood.

Bull Tattoos – Symbolism And Meaning Behind Bull Tattoos?

Bull tattoos have been recognized to symbolize male’s masculinity, power, and strength. In religious belief, the bull is represented by the masculine sun-god and considered as the king of the flock.  His connection with the sun show symbols of fire, heaven, and resurrection, while his moon connection gives symbols of water, earth, night, and death. The bull’s link to femininity or lunar feature doesn’t affect its masculinity’s point of view.  They believed that fertility is strengthened by the sun, heat, and fire which is solidly associated to the sacred cows of India.

Bull tattoos possessed sacrificial quality traditionally honored in many nations. The Hindus believe the bull is a strong representation of fertility and strength, as its blood has fertilized the earth.  It is also linked up to winter and spring seasons as coming of death and bringing back again to life.

Bull Tattoos In Different Styles And Designs                                      Bull Tattoos

The bull tattoos can be depicted ferociously signifying death, brutality, tyranny, lust, and evil.  Tattooing a black bull tattoos believed to represent death in many cultures, like in Egypt, where Osiris’ body was put up behind it; and in India and Indonesia, where prince’s coffins are often shaped like bulls.  The survival of bull fights and bull-runs celebrated by the Ancient Crete is a kind of festivity showcasing human’s superiority over the animal’s wildness and strength.

Bull tattoos can be interpreted in many ways.  Bull Tattoos can be inked showing a positive or negative outlook, in simple or complicated design, and in single or multicolored shades.

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