Buddha Tattoos – The History Of Buddha Tattoos

Buddha tattoos have gained lot of popularity over the time. Buddhism is one of the religious beliefs founded hundred years ago by Siddharta Gautama.  Its creation was established when Gautamam left the palace to seek for the truth after realizing the horrible condition of his people in order to survive.  During his birth, he was predicted to do better than the regal power and achieve “supreme knowledge,” that is, becoming a Buddha.  He became a Hindu wanderer followed with few disciples.  After years of hardship in searching, Gautama was “awakened” by the reality and realized that there is an answer to never-ending suffering.

What Brings You Buddha Tattoos?                           Buddha Tattoos

For those who embrace Buddhism, the person can depict it through Buddha tattoos by putting familiar symbols like the Bodhi Tree Tattoo, a Stupa Tattoo, a Lion Tattoo, an Empty Throne Tattoo, a begging Bowl Tattoo, Buddha’s Footprints Tattoo, or an Eight-spooked Wheel and Deer. Having the Buddha tattoos inked on your skin is a wise choice and as many say, you will attain the blessings of peace and prosperity that it brings.

Buddha Tattoos – Different Meanings Of Buddha Tattoos

Buddha tattoos can be characterized by Gautama’s teachings of Four Noble Truths:

1. All Life is Suffering.   These Suffering is a natural manifestation in one’s life as long as he lives.  It is composed of long-lasting physical and emotional pleasure and dilemma.

2. All Suffering is Caused by Attachments.   Attaching oneself too much on the pleasures of material things will give you desire to achieve more.  Yet, people haven’t realized that they are only temporary and deceptive.  And when these things disappear, suffering will follow leaving nothing for yourself.

3. Suffering Can be Ended.   It is a notable fact that happiness and contentment can be achieved as long as there is self-control and detachment of all your fear and desire.

4. Enlightenment Comes From Following the Eightfold Path.   Nirvana can be found in the “middle ways” giving you nonstop purification ending your cravings, illusions, ignorance, and ending the cycles of rebirth.

Buddhism devotees can show their everlasting faith by abiding with the principles, while some try to physically show it off through Buddha Tattoos.  Whichever way they follow, Buddha tattoos and symbols will always remain forever.

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