Observing Beyonce Tattoos are becoming like a game for her fans – waiting and guessing where she will have the next tattoo. Beyonce is playing with temporary tattoos on her body and have also launched her tattoo line.

The singer, songwriter and model Beyonce Giselle Knowles was born in 1981, in Houstn, Texas. She studied performing and visual arts at the high school and later started working with the girls’ band Destiny’s Child. Her singer’s career seemed to be logical, because she already had her father Mathew Knowles who became Destiny’s Child manager and her mother Tina has been designing costumes for their performances.

Story Behind Beyonce Tattoos

After Whitney Houston discovered Destiny’s Child their success was almost guaranteed, but in 2003 Beyonce released the first album as a solo singer. More than celebrity covering her body with inked names and symbols she is the one whose name and silhouette are popular tattoos among her fans. There is one really significant permanent tattoo she has and it’s on her ring finger the same as on her husband’s Jay-Z ring finger. That’s a Roman number 4 they both got tattooed on their ring fingers before they got married on April 4 what forms 4-4, Beyonce was born on September 4, but Jay-Z on December 4. That’s a pretty nice idea to have a tattoo like this, because even if they get divorced the tattoo will remain with meaning. That’s their wedding ring which will always be on even when they are performing or filming at videos where they can’t wear real rings.

Meanings Of Beyonce TattoosBeyonce Tattoos

Beyonce has had one more permanent tattoo – a praying angel was inked on her left hip, but she has removed it and turned to playing with tattoos from time to time showing up with new temporary tattoos. In 2007 she got an elegant henna tattoo on her forearm in Jakarta, Indonesia what she was wearing for few weeks. She has also appeared with the temporary tattoo on her left hand – a simple word „Brooklyn”. Beyonce is from Texas, but her spouse Jay-Z comes from Brooklyn and it looks like the singer has fallen in love with this place. When it’s about permanent tattoos – why not having something what seems important for you now and no matter about the rest of life!

The line of Beyonce Tattoos she has designed and appeared with these tattoo designs only for advertising is very feminine – crowns, pearls, chains, jewels, and spiders.

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