There is a rumour that Ben Affleck tattoos are going to get removed, but the actor is still wearing them, probably, he still feels attached to them.Ben Affleck was born with a full name Benjamin Geza Affleck, in 1972, in Berkeley, California in a family of teacher and social worker.  He grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he started to dream about actor’s career since he was acting at Birger King commercial in 1984. Ben was going to drama clasees and his teenage years started to get filled with participating at small TV shows and movies. 1993 came with starring at „Dazed and Confused”, some years later came „Kevin Smith’s Mallrats”and „Chasing Amy”.

Ben Affleck Tattoos HistoryBen Affleck Tattoos

Ben and his friend Matt where trying hard to get roles in movies, but never really got main roles, so they decided to write their own script for a movie, where they could have the main roles. They both wrote „Good Will Hunting” – movie that was released on 1997 finally making two unfamous actors – Ben Affleck and Matt Demon recognizable. The movie also won 2 Academy Awards. After this movie, Ben was starring at „Armageddon”, „Shakespeare in Love”, „Pearl Harbor” and other movies.

Ben Affleck has several tattoos on his body. On his right upper arm, there is a barbwire tattoo that he got in college. A dolphin tattoo on Ben’s shoulder was actually made to cover the name of his high school girlfriend and now it is rated as the worst of Ben Affleck tattoos – it just does not seem organically for a man like Ben Affleck to have a simple tattoo of a dolphin.

Meanings Behind Ben Affleck Tattoos

On his left arm there is a tattoo of a huge Cross Tattoos , but on the right arm he has a fish intertwined with a skull and crossbones. Interesting but unexposed is his shoulder blade tattoo: the initials “OC” and “MOH NON TE” written above this tattoo, but “TA OR” underneath it. Although Ben knows Spanish, French and Arabic languages, it does not seem to be written in any of these languages.  These are probably some initials, which make sense only to the actor himself.

As we see, Ben Affleck tattoos are different, but it does not seem he is going to get more tattoos – he has publically expressed his wish to get rid of these tattoos.

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