Bee Tattoos – Story About Bee Tattoos

One of the most popular insects in world of tattoos is Bee Tattoos. Bees, like any another insect creature believed to exists since the early times, proven by an archeological evidence that early humans collected honey-combs, even primitive Neanderthals went-through an establishment of bee-keeping.  It is also speculated that bees and honey took part an important role in the early Indo-European days.  It was used to ferment the earliest alcoholic beverage which was widely distributed as far as China, Syria, Greece, France and Iceland.

Bee tattoos attributes can be considered a friend and an enemy. It became the symbol of the soul, offering honey in the tomb of the dead, as what the Egyptians believe. These are only a few reasons why bee tattoos have found their way into modern society. Early historical reports have been accounted that bee wasps were used as ammunition warfare by the Mayans, Greeks, and Romans.  Even the Bible mentioned a multitude of wasps and hornets for divine justice.

Bee Tattoos – Symbolism And Meaning                  Bee Tattoos

Bee tattoos were marked to symbolize death and rebirth; they die during winter season and return during springtime, while some use it to symbolize the due to its capability to go back to where it belongs.  The bee’s symbolic appeal of life and death were used when wasps used to fight against cattle thieves and the sweet honey was used to treat and heal wounds, while drinking honey-wine will provide person immortality.  Englishmen think they are protected from adversaries after killing the first wasp of the season.  But there are some who believe that killing bees will give you bad luck.

Bee Tattoos – How To Find The Perfect Bee Tattoos?

Bee’s character to uphold harm was recognized but its goodness, hope, and regal symbol are just few of the motivations for having bee tattoos.  Its ability to pollinate flowers can be illustrated as chastity and sexuality, and fertility and care, while its capacity to acquire honey is portrayed as social order, diligence, cleanliness, and hard work.

Bee’s character no matter how small they are should be given a positive impression, whether it’s for symbolism in different religions and beliefs, or just simply getting yourself a simple yet meaningful bee tattoos.

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    Looking for something really cool and different for behind my ear. I want a bumble bee because my name Deborah means bee in Hebrew. How can I find more variety>

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