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Cat Tattoo


cat tattoo - Rick Basmagy

Cat Tattoo - Rick Basmagy

This is to date my most fav tattoo on my body.  I am a shop rat over at Artful Ink tattoo studios. It so happens I was at the shop one day and started singing the ” We are Siamese if you please ” song from Disneys own Lady and The Tramp. Well when you mix that with a extremely talented/creative tattoo artist named Kristen Goetz ( Artful Ink Tattoo Studios, NY ) you get a rad Siamese cat sporting one bad ass Fu Man Chu. And there you have it.




Caroline Jones Tattoo


coraline tattoo - Rick Basmagy

Coraline Jones Tattoo - Rick Basmagy


This is my Coraline Jones Tattoo done by One amazing Kelly Gelling at Artful Ink Tattoo Studios in NY.  I bare it on my left shoulder.  If you’ve seen this movie you’d know this is the scene where she crawls thru her tunnel and enters the perfect world ( well sorta ). I saw this in the theaters in 3D and the visuals along with the vivid colors blew my mind. Kelly is amazing with color tattoos and knew she would translate this perfectly onto my body. She is my tattoo artist and one of my closest friends.


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