Bear Tattoos – Story Behind Bear Tattoos

For so many years bear tattoos have played a significant role to symbolize different cultures, beliefs across the globe.   Gigantic size of bear tattoos and enormous strength made them one of the unique animals ever lived.  They were feared and considered a violent predator.  An omnivore, they eat nuts and berries, roots, honey, grasses, and bird’s eggs.  They also possess great hunting skill for small and large fishes.  Bears usually live in caves and overhangs much like the surrounding of humans.  It is very dangerous to confront a threatened bear as it stood up on its hind legs.

Bear Tattoos – Symbolism Of Bear Tattoos                                      Bear Tattoos

For Native Americans, bear tattoos symbolizes hunting, battle, and healing.  For some, it represents a mystical beast, a whirlwind used in times of war, and even considered as God.  For animalist and shamanistic beliefs, bear is believed to be a powerful animal spirit that guides them.  It is also believed to be a protector, and provider of inspiration and wisdom.  Because bear hibernates during winter season, their silence are considered to be a symbol of “awakening the power of the unconscious, ” The natives create talismans, amulets, and other embellishments from bear’s teeth and claws.

Bear Tattoos – What Do They Represent To You?

The Lakota Sioux tribe regarded bears as a symbol of wisdom; for Chippewa tribe, it represents introspection, strength, ferocity and diplomacy, and have healing powers; and for Haida tribe, the bear is regarded as an Elder Kinsman and a high-ranking guest when encountered death.  Bears also became a subject in different myths or legends.  It was mentioned in the legend of King Arthur, legend of the North Koreans, and Japanese myth.

The strong characteristics of a bear is predominantly used in the tattoo world.  Artists use distinctive designs to illustrate  power, strength, and danger of bear tattoos as well as its uniqueness.  As the world is facing so much disaster, the bear tattoos are used to symbolize awareness and hope.

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