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Batman tattoo is one of iconic designs used by many teens and adults who have loved the character since it was introduced.  His appealing quality made him loved by many, from all ages, from all walks of life.  He has become one of the favorite television, movie, and comic personalities. Seventy years later, Batman tattoos still have  the charm to influence people to do good things to other people.

Batman Tattoos and Their Meaning                        Batman Tattoos

Batman character was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger and made its first appearance in DC Comics in May 1939.  Also known as “the Dark Knight,” “the Caped Crusader,” “the Bat,” and ‘the World’s Greatest Detective,” he is said to be the guardian of Gotham City.  Although he doesn’t have superpowers, he used his intellect, wealth, physical expertise, science and technology, and threats.  When not in course of duty, Batman is the playboy, philanthropist, and industrialist Bruce Wayne.  Being the sole eyewitness of his parents as a child, he became determined to seek revenge and bring it to justice.  He physically and emotionally trained himself and put on bat-themed costumes when getting into battle.  He is assisted by the family’s loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth, the one person who knows the alter ego of Bruce.

Batman Tattoos – Popularity Of Batman Tattoos

Batman tattoos were materialized when Batman made its way to the big screen in the 1989 film Batman.  Batman tattoos are often illustrated in original darker theme of black cape, gloves, cowl and boots with yellow belt, gray tights, and bat logo on the chest.  There is also the common superhero outfit of domino mask, red tights, bat wings, and the rope swings.

Batman tattoos that are less popular were the scenes from comic books.  The batman tattoos designs have cartoonish effects of Batman being seduced by Catwoman, or fighting with the villain Joker.  For more recent version of Batman tattoos,  symbols of leather sheath at the back, hands on hips, and gazing atop of a building can be placed in any part of the wearer’s body.

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