Bat Tattoos – What Represent Bat Tattoos?

Bat Tattoos are generally associated with negative symbolism in the West and yet is a symbol of good luck and longevity in the Far East.

Bat is an exceptional specie in the kingdom mammalia, known for its ability to fly.  Its number dominates the mammal species accounting 20%.  Its vast number covers a wide range of symbolism used by many people across the globe.

The History Of Bat Tattoos                                       Bat Tattoos

Bat tattoos symbols and characteristics have been used in the ancient Greek times.  They have been identified to suckle the Greek’s young, and later have been paired to the Greek goddess Diana, a many-breasted virgin of the forest watching infancy and births.  Their symbolism of motherhood was modified as a symbol of sex and fertility soon after.  Greeks also believed that bat’s blood collectively received in wool will encourage sexual desires when placed under a woman’s head.

Bats unique features inspired many tattoo artists to create bat tattoos.  Their positive impression became popular as it symbolizes long life, wealth, peace, good death, and good health.  Not until bats was given a negative idea through the character of vampire bats or blood-eating bats. Their familiar behavior of head being upside down signals that a time period had come to rest, and performing a sacrifice for the gods – contrast to the blood needed by the vampire bat itself.

The Popularity Of Bat Tattoos

Bat tattoos became popular when  fallacy citing occurred in the modern era.  Many people associated it with demonic symbols like the Celtic dragon, a one giant creature showing a bat-like wings revealing a demonic attitude.  Satanic themes gave birth to Dracula tattoos, a terrifying creature who always avoids the sunlight, packed with evil activities, and mimicking the nocturnal hunting habits of bats.  The negative impressions are also accustomed with Halloween where it is tagged along with pumpkins, witches and full moon scenes.

Bat symbols and interpretations may form many different bat tattoos. Characteristics of bat tattoos have brought the world of tattoo in different level setting many tattoo artists to be creative, mature, and excel in their field.

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