Asian Tattoos – Meaning And Symbolism Of Asian Tattoos

Asian tattoos are mystifying tattoo designs that intrigues many tattoo enthusiast anywhere in the world. It has a unique sense of imagery that has different interpretations and meanings that make it attractive and appealing.
Asia is the world’s largest continent in the whole world. It is widely known for its different cultures, natural resources and rich history. Asia’s past is distinctively known for many strange and unusual events that contributed to its wealthy heritage. Asian tattoos are part of Asia’s rich culture and hold a variety of symbolic and meaningful designs.

In Asian culture, the dragon represents good fortune and known to drive evil spirits away. That is why it is the most popular mythological Asian tattoo of choice for many generations. The tiger, on the other hand, symbolizes strength and power. Most people get tiger tattoos to convey their dominance and supremacy.

Asian Tattoos – Various Designs Of Asian Tattoos

In China, many people are fond of wearing Chinese calligraphy tattoos which expresses different messages or word of wisdom from the elders. It is considered to be unique because of its personal touch and elegant designs. Japan will not be getting behind the culture of Asian tattoos. The Japanese art has a variety of figures and scripts that are widely known to be the subject of most tattoo trends. The Japanese style Kanji script, Koi fish, ancient Japanese characters such as geishas, samurais and warriors are just some of the most popular Japanese art being used for Asian tattoo designs.

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Asian tattoos are very personal and spiritual in nature. Most of these tattoo designs has its very own meaning and interpretation that are highly respected and valued by Asians worldwide. It proves the inspiring yet rich ideals that Asians are well known for. Aside from its primitive culture and orientation, the religious beliefs and rituals are also embedded with Asian tattoo designs. When choosing Asian tattoos, it is best to know the deeper meaning of this extraordinary kind of masterpiece. Choosing  these  Asian tattoos will help you understand it more and value it as your very own heritage from the Asian people.

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