Anchor Tattoos – The Story Behind Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoos are most likely seen with individuals in the marine and nautical professions. Sailors get anchor tattoos as soon as they cross the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. During the ancient times, anchor tattoo designs are often associated with the Christian Church and believed to signify steadfastness and dedication to faith and devotion. It is also used to replace the symbol of a cross and acts as markings for secret meeting places of religious supporters during the persecution from the Greeks.

Anchor Tattoos – Meaning And Symbolism Of Anchor Tattoos

Having an anchor tattoo conveys a lot of meaning. It is simple yet, symbolically rich. Anchor tattoos represent a strong personality and character for its bearer and may express pure confidence and stability in terms of status, career or love. Many individuals who are involved in serious relationships get anchor tattoos to show their strong feelings for their significant other.

Many people are fascinated by anchor tattoos and may come in different forms and fashion. Retro themes are very fashionable and stylish when it comes to anchor tattoos. Vibrant and colorful designs are often incorporated in anchor tattoos that it is becoming a favorite trend among many tattoo enthusiasts. The retro design gives it a more lively and dynamic personality to add to its deep meaning and representation.

Find Perfect Anchor Tattoos For You      Anchor Tattoos

Although anchor tattoos are often associated with marines and seafarers, it is not limited to be used by the male gender. Women also get these tattoo designs imprinted in any parts of their body. Some may come in black and white, tattooed on unique places likes the collar bone or fingers. Anchor tattoos may be considered old school but it is fast becoming more popular among the youth of the new generation.

Anchor tattoos remind us of many things from the past to the present. It keeps us grounded and steady even if the water washes our lives over and over again. Maybe that is why many people are getting anchor tattoos to constantly remind them that life goes on, as long as we are anchored to life’s reality and truth.




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