American Indian Tattoos – The History Of American Indian Tattoos

American Indian tattoos have been part of the Native American culture for many generations. American Indian Tattoos express the rich and colorful history of the American culture since the beginning of ancient civilization. American Indian tattoos symbolize the exceptional customs and traditions that our ancestors passed on to our present time.

American Indians are known to be the earliest residents of North America and their culture has made great influences with our present customs and traditions. Although foreign rulers tried to invade our ancestor’s beliefs and ethnicity, most of their attribute managed to survive through the changing of the modern era.

Many Various Styles Of American Indian Tattoos    American Indian Tattoos

American Indian tattoos vary in designs and interpretations. Most of these tattoos are spiritual in nature and greatly conveys the connection between earth and the spirit world. Although tribal tattoos have a unique and exceptional style of its kind, the primary purpose of this American Indian tattoos goes beyond the cosmetic qualities of tattooing. It is considered a spiritual tool to bond man and nature as one.

The culture of tattooing is done due to several reasons and purposes. Tribes use tattoos to signify maturity. Others use this to identify oneself from the other members of the tribe. Warriors and hunters have different sets of American Indian tattoos especially made to recognize their achievements and accomplishments for the tribe. Many of our native ancestors also do tattooing for self expression just like what most of us observe today.

Symbolism Behind American Indian Tattoos

Although American Indian tattoos are very fascinating, it is not a very pleasant experience during the ancient times. Native Americans have to endure pain and sacrifice to be able to get the tattoo design of their choice. Back in the olden days, American Indians cut through the skin and use a dye specially prepared for the tattoos. The wound and dye eventually heals together and becomes the design conceptualized during the ritual. American Indian tattoos tattooing is indeed a painful process but very spiritual for the American Indian culture.

Most common symbol of American Indian tattoos is nature itself. Natural forces are believed to have powerful and positive characteristics. The sun represents life and symbolizes warmth, growth and wellness. Clouds and lightning stand for change and renewal. It is believed to provide strength during troubles and predicaments.   Spirits are also popular American Indian tattoos but should be chosen with utmost respect and care. Most American Indian cultures have high regards with their spiritual god and divinity that having to choose a design with spiritual themes could easily disrespect their religion. The rainbow man or the “yeii” is a symbol of harmony and expresses one’s commitment in encouraging every creature to work together for the greater good. Feathers can stand for warrior characteristics, a prayer or the Creator. Animals represent the different characters that one wants to express to convey their own personality.

Today, the Native American culture still stays among many of its successors.  Culture and traditions are very unique designs for American Indian tattoos and their meanings should be given extreme respect and value. The existence of American Indian tattoos only proves that no matter how antique or old traditions and customs may be they are still part of who and what we are in the past, the present and the coming future.