The rapper’s 50 Cent tattoos are part of his image. 50 Cent – Curtis James Jackson – was born in 1975 – South Jamaica, but has lived the entire life in New York City. When he was a child his mother got shot in the accident and his father never returned, so he was raised up by his grandparents.

50 Cent started drug dealing being just 12 years young, he dreamed about becoming heavyweight boxer, but became rapper. His way to first records wasn’t easy – he has been persecuted and there were a lot of artists not willing to see him in this business. It changed after Eminem got to know 50 Cent’s music and announced that 50 Cent is his favourite rapper. 50 Cent got famous and finally could make his debut album.

50 Cent Tattoos History50 Cent Tattoos

As he is turning out to be not just a good rapper but also an actor, 50 Cent tattoos are starting to disappear – he has removed some of his tattoos explaining that it makes hard to get roles in movies with all these tattoos and covering these tattoos is very time consuming. So by removing the signs inked on his body, he is also like saying ‘Goodbye’ to his hard past, but he is not going to remove all of his tattoos.

Some of tattoos on his arms are related to people in his life. On his right arm there is a name of his mother „Sabrina”. Under her name is one of angel tattoos and words „Ghetto Angel” in the honour of his mother who died when he was just a child. He also got his son’s name Marquise, the word „Warrior” and other tattoos on his arms. These are all probably going to be removed, but there are a lot of tattoos which can easily be hidden under a shirt.

Meanings Of 50 Cent Tattoos

Mostly of 50 Cent tattoos have meanings which are easy readable and doesn’t ask for more explanations, but all of them are carrying a specific significance to the artist. For example, on his belly there are words „Love & Hate” with the Devil on the left side and the portrait of Jesus on the right side. The most impressive is the tattoo on his back: it’s a huge number 50 decorated by several words and symbols: a skull, buildings, words „South Side”, „Gangsta” and others. Although significant 50 Cent tattoos are being removed, he has promised to keep the one on his back.

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