Are you familiar with Asian tattoo designs?

You might have seen them but you did not know that it was of continental origin. The most exotic and trendiest of tattoo art are those Asian tattoo designs that have Asian-inspired theme.

Of the seven continents of the world, Asia is home to many cultures. Their respect for environment is evidently shown in their art. Their masterpieces can easily attract attention and art enthusiasts are easily captivated. The Dragon figure for its popularity in Asia is appreciated by both young and old people; many wanted Asian tattoo designs printed on their body.

Asian Tattoo Designs an Chinese calligraphyAsian Tattoo Designs

Leading other nations in body art applications is China. The Chinese have an assortment of creations. China and Japan are two nations where passion for calligraphy is duly supported. Calligraphic lettering are very cool and eye-catching.

The bamboo figure ultimately stirs up interest because the bamboo and its entire varied species are very common and grows like giant grass all over the continent.

Other Asian tattoo designs would include a pagoda or the Chinese temple, bells, lilies, orchids, tigers, lion, dog, heron, and perhaps even ancient structures. A person who wears a Great Wall of China tattoo would certainly attract attention.

Asian Tattoo Designs – Different Styles Of Asian Tattoo Designs

What would be more interesting are the Malayan and Indonesian batik patterns. An artist who is familiar with this tapestry pattern is capable of doing a design that looks so real that it cannot be distinguished as work of art.

The use of pastel and monochromatic colors make Asian tattoo designs very attractive and fashionable. There are artists who could make a good blending of hues that contrasts with the skin color. Thus, when you stare at the finished work, the Asian tattoo designs seemed to be coming alive.

Do you know why you should have a Buddha tattoo designs?

First, let me introduce him to you. He was a prince and his real name was Siddhartha Gautama. He was born in 563 BCE. He was so restless and he went about searching for enlightenment, happiness. He wished to finish off human anguish, so he adopted an ascetic life. He went to Northeastern India to live and teach.

Buddha Tattoo Designs – Symbolism Behind Buddha Tattoo Designs

He spent a great deal meditating and fasting. His meditation and fasting brought about illumination. Many people admired the great knowledge he acquired in the process. Buddha’s influence spread throughout Asia. Many people believed in his teachings, principles and beliefs. Buddhism became the premier religion in China, Thailand and India are three countries where Buddhism is majority.    Buddha Tattoo Designs

Figurines are very popular and it is being sold as decorative item. However, most families and even stores display it as talisman. You can find it in almost all of Chinese homes. Some individuals use it as a coin bank, just like the common piggy bank. Many people get Buddha Tattoo Designs to express their moods and peace.

Buddha Tattoo Designs – Find The Perfect One For You

Having the Buddha tattoo deigns inked on your skin is a wise choice and as many say, you will attain the blessings of peace and prosperity that it brings. Although the Buddha tattoo designs stands as the first choice for body mark design, it could be presented in different moods and in several choices of colors of his clothes.

Be an advocate of enlightenment, strength of character, and greatness by choosing the Buddha image as your Buddha tattoo designs. More than these Buddha Tattoo Designs are the possibility of receiving peace and prosperity from him.